Initial consultation / assessment – £95
This is an hour long session, which includes a detailed discussion, case history, personalised informal/formal assessments, and verbal feedback. Recommendations will be discussed, and initial advice may be given. A short, written summary letter can be included at this stage for an additional fee of £20. A full assessment report based on this initial consultation would be £70.

Standard consultation – £70
This session will be up to an hour, and may include either further assessment or therapy activities, all individually planned to meet the needs of your child. A reduced rate is available to families wishing to commit to 6 sessions or more in advance.

School/nursery visit – £70
We are able to carry out standard consultations in your child’s nursery or school if required. Again, a reduced rate may apply if sessions are booked in advance.

Written report – from £95
This is a detailed record of your child’s communication skills, including information about pre-verbal skills, interaction, understanding of language, expressive language and speech. We will include information about response to therapy and recommendations that have been made, as appropriate. Please note: If a family requires a report to contribute to a child’s Statement of Educational Needs, an additional fee may apply.

Written programme – from £70
We will always provide verbal advice as part of our standard consultations. However, if required, we can also provide a detailed, tailor-made written programme of activities and strategies to be used by you at home, or by school/nursery staff.

Phone calls / liaison / meetings
It may be important to us to talk directly with the other people involved in your child’s care. Any phone calls or informal discussions of less than 15 minutes will be included within our consultation rates. If we anticipate that more time is needed, or if you require us to attend a meeting regarding your child, we will always discuss and agree any fees in advance.

Training / bespoke services
Fees will vary according to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Travel costs are generally included within the consultation rates quoted. However, travel beyond a designated geographical area may incur an additional charge, which will always be discussed and agreed in advance.